Updated 5 June 2009

Structure and editorial policies


Since 20 May 2006, Yawning Bread has had a twin structure (for articles after that date).

The main site (www.yawningbread.org), also called "home", continues to hold the essays. The supplementary site (yawningbread.wordpress.com), also called "sampler", holds abstracts and accommodates reader comments.

Why the twin structure?

Blogging programs (using database structures) didn't appear until around 2003, but Yawning Bread (www.yawningbread.org) started in 1996. It is thus based on an older HTML technology. However, over a decade,  Yawning Bread has become a huge site, with more than 1,000 essays and a few hundred more guest articles and appendices. Hence it's too much work trying to move it into a blog format.

In any case, with the older technology, there is a lot more flexibility. Every Yawning Bread article starts as a blank sheet of paper, metaphorically speaking, and the essay layout can include large tables, wide photographs, margin notes, subsidiary articles, etc. Doing likewise within the predefined boxes of blog templates would be either very difficult or impossible.

However, blog programs have advantages, such as ease of adding comments. Hence, I believe the interlocking twin structure is the optimal solution.

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Terminology and editorial policies explained
Essays are written by Yawning Bread. They are archived in 'Archives'. All people and events mentioned are real though pseudonyms may be used.
Guest contributions (also known as 'Guest writing') are essays or poems written by friends and email acquaintances of Yawning Bread, either on my request, or just submitted here for hosting. 

See Correspondence for editorial guidelines if you're interested in submitting.

Appendices are a jumble of things usually meant as supporting documents for one or more Yawning Bread essays. They include news clippings, reports of events, transcripts of radio or TV programs, and various letters and articles by third parties.
Photo essays are collections of pictures that I have taken myself, based on a certain theme, each accompanied by a brief narration..
Sampler is a separate site (using a blog client) that operates in parallel with this main site. It only contains abstracts of articles, but it's also where comments are held. It also has an RSS feed.
Comments are moderated. See Correspondence for guidelines.
Email is treated as private communication. See correspondence for policies regarding confidentiality.