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Avoid doing a search based on a single word, .e.g "government". Choose a few words relevant to your needs, e.g. "government media control".

Be sure that your spelling is correct. I've seen someone try to search for "chineet colture"!

Just because I am gay, and I write with a gay perspective, doesn't mean this is a "gay site", which some people assume means information about the gay (cruising) scene. I see many attempts to search for "gay bars", "bathhouses" or "massage by men". Sorry to disappoint you, but the aim of this site is quite different.

Just because I am Singaporean does not mean this is an "Asian" site. I see many attempts to search for information about Manila, Shanghai, etc. If you're looking for the gay scene in these places, you'll do better to search the web, not Yawning Bread.