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Jul 2009 Lavender to Bugis - in this one-kilometre stretch between two metro stations is packed many interesting facets of our city
Oct 2008 Three walks in Sydney - along the ocean and harbour shores, with great views and varying moods..
Sep 2008 River light-up may not wear well - flashing rainbow lights make a historic part of Singapore look tacky
Jun 2008 In the heartlands - perhaps the real Singapore where we live
Feb 2008 Berlin's Erotik Museum - a short tour of its fascinating exhibits
Dec 2007 Futsal on International Migrants Day - a number of NGOs jointly organised a competition for foreign workers and Singaporeans
Oct 2007 Stockholm and Gothenburg - a few pictures with tales behind them
Mar 2007 Bye bye, musical fountain - Sentosa's musical fountain squirts its last
Mar 2007 Forgotten markers of history - various periods of our city's past left marks on the land, but we often forget
Jan 2007 New Year fireworks - over Marina Bay
Oct 2006 Festive light-ups - Ramadan/Eid - Geylang Serai has the biggest and busiest bazaar of the 3 festivals in October
Oct 2006 Festive light-ups - Deepavali - Little India is all dressed up, but no one seems to be interested.
Oct 2006 Festive light-ups - Mid-autumn festival - mooncakes, pomelos, lanterns and camera-happy Singaporeans
Aug 2006 Our trees - once in a while, we should stop and look at our own city
Jun 2006 Signs of Singapore - what are the familiar little things that tell us we're in Singapore?
May 2006 Rally at Chua Chu Kang Park - Steve Chia of the Singapore Democratic Alliance in action
May 2006 Rally at Ang Mo Kio field - Workers' Party election rally
May 2006 Rally at Woodlands Stadium - the Singapore Democratic Party contests Sembawang Group Representation Constituency
May 2006 Rally at Hougang field - the People's Action Party attracted a relatively small crowd to its rally
Apr 2006 Rally at Buangkok field - Chiam See Tong spoke at this Singapore Democratic Alliance election rally
Apr 2006 Rally at Ubi field - the first Workers' Party rally of this campaign season started late
Apr 2006 Nomination Day - election candidates lodged their papers at Bedok View Secondary School
Dec 2005 The real Chinatown - is Chinatown now just a fake tourist trap?


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