Yawning Bread Photo Essay - 23 September 2008

River light-up may not wear well





I spied this in Saturday's paper:

The Singapore River was awash with light last night, bringing to life the first of the Government's plans to transform the country's night-time look. Pyrotechnics, music and a carnival accompanied the unveiling of hundreds of lights along the waterway's banks.

With the flick of a switch by Trade and Industry Minister Lim Hng Kiang, the Read and Cavenagh bridges came alive in a wash of colours.

A school of 'jellyfish' - underwater lights - started to glow in front of the Asian Civilisations Museum, giving the river a subtle gleam. And the pedestrian underpasses linking Clarke Quay and Boat Quay started to shimmer.

-- Straits Times, 20 Sept 2008, S'pore River glows as light-up brightens night-scape 

Then I forgot about it. But the following evening, I found myself in the vicinity by chance... and I had a camera with me.

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Yawning Bread