Yawning Bread Photo Essay - March 2007

Forgotten markers of history





Singaporeans tend to think of our country as a relatively young republic, but our city is not that young. In just 12 years' time, we will be celebrating the bicentenary of Thomas Stamford Raffles' landing in 1819, an event that we generally consider the founding of modern Singapore.

In the course of these 2 centuries, rulers and political systems have come and gone, even communities have passed our way. However, they often leave evidence of their time on the ground, which despite our incessant building and rebuilding -- unavoidable in our densely populated city -- are sometimes left untouched.

These are not landmarks, but markings on the land. The five that I have chosen for this photo essay have been mostly forgotten, but each tells a little story about a period in our past.

While I chose five, I didn't get five. By the time I got to the fifth, it had disappeared. Yet its disappearance tells its own story -- about how history is never finished, and we in our time are making it, and also feverishly revising it. 


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Yawning Bread