Yawning Bread Photo Essay - January 2007

New Year fireworks





Singapore has fireworks quite a few times a year, the regular appearances being the International New Year, Chinese New Year and National Day.

This year was the second time in a row when I went out to get a few pictures of the fireworks on 31 December over Marina Bay.

To a photography enthusiast, fireworks present some unique challenges, primarily due to the fact that the object you wish to take appears only fleetingly, and you're never quite sure which part of the sky it is going to appear in. Its brightness varies -- quite rapidly -- so there's no way you can determine beforehand what the correct camera settings are. Photography how-to books tell you to switch off quite a few automatic functions since these are easily fooled by the dynamic situation, and instead rely on manual settings, which you will have to twiddle rapidly by trial and error. 

To add to the stress, typically, the whole show would be over in 5 to 10 minutes, so you have a really short window of opportunity. If you flunk it, you'll have to wait months for another opportunity -- provided it doesn't rain. 

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