Yawning Bread Photo Essay - October 2006

Festive light-ups - Mid-autumn festival





October 2006 will see three traditional festivals in Singapore. As is the usual practice, the government (Singapore Tourism Board?) lit up the ethnic quarters associated with each festival. 

It thus presented an opportunity for me, not just to take a few pictures, but also to observe whether the respective communities respond in similar or different ways to the fancy lights.

At the same time, temporary bazaars are organised in the run-up to the festivals. How do they differ one from another? 

The three festivals are the Mid-Autumn Festival on 6 October 2006, with the light-up in Chinatown, Deepavali (also called Diwali) on 21 October 2006, with Little India lit up, and Ramadan/Eid on 24 October 2006, with Geylang Serai as the focus.

Hence, there will 3 photo essays in quick succession. This first one is about the Mid-autumn festival light-up. 


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