Yawning Bread Photo Essay - May 2006

Rally at Chua Chu Kang Park





Thursday night (4 May 2006), I gave myself the theme of covering the younger opposition candidates at their rallies. Thus, I first went to Ang Mo Kio where the Workers' Party was fielding its youngest team, and after hearing the 5 rookies speak, rushed over to Chua Chu Kang Park to catch Steve Chia in action. 

It wasn't supposed to be a rush, but it became one when I realised I had to get new batteries (queue), a drink (queue), a pee (queue too!) and then spent 3 minutes talking to a stranger outside the convenience store. He was telling me about the vodcasts he had been seeing about the rallies.

Singaporeans never speak to strangers. It's just not the done thing here. What is it about elections that make people want, need, to speak to someone, anyone, even outside convenience stores? It's the excitement in the air, isn't it?





Yawning Bread