Yawning Bread Photo Essay - April 2006

Rally at Buangkok field





On Saturday night, 29 April 2006, I chose to go to the rally by the Singapore Democratic Alliance (SDA), held at an open field in Buangkok. This precinct is part of the Pasir Ris - Punggol Group Representation Constituency, in which the SDA's team is standing against the incumbent People's Action Party (PAP) team.

Like the night before, I had very little time. I could only get there after the final event of the Film Festival, Royston Tan's feature film "4:30".

Once again, it rained in the afternoon, which meant another pair of shoes might have to be sacrificed to the mud.

The SDA had 3 rallies going on tonight, more than any other party. One would be in Tampines GRC, another in Chua Chu Kang Single-member Constituency. But after the experience of last night when traffic backed up for a kilometre as people tried to get to the rally site, the Buangkok location looked the easiest to get to.

This was because the field was just adjacent to Buangkok metro station, now well-known for the saga of the white elephants in 2005. 



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