Yawning Bread Photo Essay - April 2006

Nomination Day





The 2006 General Election is scheduled for 6 May 2006. Before that, on 27 April 2006, there was Nomination Day, which was when persons and parties who wished to contest various parliamentary constituencies could put themselves on the ballot.

There were 9 venues designated as Nomination Centres, one of which was Bedok View Secondary School, whose students had all been sent home for the day. There was a heavy security presence but the public was allowed in the foyer and the courtyard. 

Candidates, their agents and journalists with press accreditation were permitted to go upstairs to the rooms set up as documentation centres, but since I had no accreditation, I had to stay within the designated public areas.

Bedok View was the Nomination Centre for two Group Representation Constituencies: East Coast and Pasir Ris - Punggol. The reason I chose to go there was because both were likely to be contested, so I hoped it might be more interesting than at other Centres serving constituencies with walk-overs. 




Yawning Bread