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May Quick decisions as Bangkok burns - I was scheduled to return to Bangkok on the same day that armoured units came out to suppress the Red Shirts. How to avoid the mess?
Red layover, part 1 - I wandered around the Red Shirts' protest site in Bangkok on perhaps its last peaceful afternoon
Red layover, part 2 - the Silom area closed off by the military and eerily quiet
Red layover, part 3 - confrontation between the Red Shirts and the army on Bangkok's Rama 4 Road
Issue work permits to sex workers - denial that a sex industry exists is foolish, instead regulate it
Mother-tongue policy undermines education and our future - in this guest opinion, Jonno argues that the mother-tongue policy has serious and adverse effects on education and adult Singaporeans' communication skills, behaviour and ability to engage with the wider world
Reform Party unveils six election candidates - with potential but relatively unknown, thus lots more work ahead, including on the party's stand over the gay issue
Mother-tongue conservatives voice existential fears - as expected, an emotional debate has erupted, but the debate may be missing the point
Effects of recent electoral changes - we can afford to be bolder with electoral reform without risking instability
Entry to clubs "on the basis of ... testicles" - furious at being humiliated by a Clarke Quay club, transgender women organise to fight discrimination
Sacking of discriminatory counsellor upheld by UK court - a judge pronounces strongly on what freedom of religion does not mean
An elastic band here, a clothes peg there, part 2 - PAP and Nominated MPs argue against extending the NCMP scheme with some of the worst arguments I've heard in a while
An elastic band here, a clothes peg there, part 1 - more arbitrary patching done to our parliamentary electoral system
Apr Singapore homophobia takes world stage - Archbishop John Chew now leads the global fight to discriminate against gay people in the Anglican Communion
At the feet of gods - two embarrassing fiascoes beg serious questions about how our public service officers go about their jobs
Singapore's political system a one-legged stool - Lee Hsien Loong in justifying why he is the prime minister avoids saying it's because he won an election
Where religious freedom ends - Deputy Prime Minister Wong Kan Seng pussy-foots around the issue of religious zealotry and defensiveness
Mar Breeding a subsidy mentality in housing - why are housing subsidies given to nearly everybody? Isn't that fiscally irresponsible in the long run?
Foreign funding a necessary antidote in authoritarian states - time to reexamine our allergic reaction to foreign funding for causes, including political ones
Jan My letter to the Censorship Review Committee 2009 - the CRC wanted public feedback, so I gave them my strongly held views
Should Singapore's Home Minister be thrown into a Vietnamese jail? - trading in Vietnamese brides is human trafficking; the government abets it
Sex bombs and other wayward self-destructions - al Qaeda exploited Western society's prudishness to design a bomb for Abdulmutallab
Mixed-marriage babies now given race choice - the move only highlights how absurd trying to record race is
Dec Two oppositions, and why in the long run, they may not matter at all, part 3 - they may not matter because power is for the PAP to lose, not for opposition parties to win
Two oppositions, and why in the long run, they may not matter at all, part 2 - opposition politics depend too much on dislike of the PAP, but let's face it, most Singaporeans do not dislike the PAP that much
Negative income tax - what is this and why is it worth considering?
Two oppositions, and why in the long run, they may not matter at all, part 1 - why is it important to abjure civil disobedience? What does it tell us about ourselves?
What we don't read about casinos and Rwanda - too much gushing in our mainstream media obscures reality
Stone-age sex law hidden in plain sight - boy has sex with girl; who gets prosecuted?
Tough getting elected if gay - of course, we know that already, but here’s news from the Philippines, Houston, and Britain where an election of a different kind took place.
Churning cities - now immigration is affecting the Malay-Muslim community; what I saw in four cities
Nov Away again - preparing for a trip, I had to run around looking for vaccine and a good bank
Fogged lens - the story behind Maruah's screening of Burma VJ and other resistance documentaries
Film censorship correspondence, part 2 - follow-up replies from the film censors of MDA as to why text stills were not allowed
Sucking demigods' toes - our Law minister, chief justice and the Straits Times commit unnatural sex
Oct Burma VJ to be shown again - an award-winning documentary about citizen journalism in extreme circumstances
Tough tests serve a positive purpose - parents complain that the Primary 6 exam math paper this year was too difficult
Throwing fish - Singapore joins the Myanmar regime in making Asean human rights and civil society engagement a farce
Sam Schwartz and the police, part 1 - falsely accused of running a massage parlour; what happened to due process and presumption of innocence?
Sam Schwartz and the police, part 2 - raided, whacked, then falsely accused of biting someone
Third-rate television for a Third-world country - four young people asked about local television; all four think it sucks
Another teenager caught, set to hang - one more awful case in a long campaign that has only just begun
More thoughts on the 'Not a procession' judgement - the judge told defendants: You should have applied for a judicial review. Ah but....
Non-discrimination is nothing if not gray - how far do we wish to push the non-discrimination ideal? Thirty test scenarios
Education ministry looks like it has something to hide - poet and playwright Ng Yi-Sheng axed as arts mentor


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