7 July 2006




Comments are public whereas email is private. Comments however are moderated before publication, so you will notice a time lag. I am compelled to filter comments before publication because the topics I often write about -- politics, gay issues, religion -- tend to attract rants.

Let me be open about how I filter comments. Those that have these characteristics are unlikely to be allowed through:

  • Comments that are off-topic from the essay
  • Potentially libelous statements
  • Strong assertions without any supporting arguments (rants)
  • Too lengthy, e.g. exceeding 1.5 screenviews
  • Commercial advertisements, or links to
  • Personal advertisements of a cruising nature, or links to

If you wish a comment on a topical subject, but not in reference to any particular essay, do consider writing a Guest Essay. See below for guidelines.


Email is private communication, unlike Comments. Please use the EMAIL link on the main Yawning Bread site. Your message will be as private as normal email; your words will not be published, unless specifically requested or agreed between you and me.

Guest essays

Yawning Bread publishes Guest Essays from time to time. In order to fit in with the overall style of Yawning Bread, here are some guidelines for guest essays:

  • It should be about 1,000 - 1,500 words.
  • It should be in standard international English. The writing style should be that of serious journalism, but please avoid heavy academic language.
  • It should be intelligible to any English reader from anywhere around the world. Acronyms (e.g. HDB or NST), abbreviations (e.g. "co." or "dept") and local/foreign-language words or expressions (e.g. "farang", "shiok" or "ummah") should be avoided, or at least, explained.
  • Currencies should be specified when monetary amounts are mentioned. Even if you're writing in Singapore dollars, say "S$", not "$". If you're writing in United States dollars, say "US$", not "$".
  • Honorifics are up to you, but for your information, the editorial policy of the main Yawning Bread essays is to be generally free of honorifics. Thus, I do not refer to "Mr Hu Jintao", but simply to "Hu Jintao" or "Hu". However, on first mention, it would make sense to say "President Hu Jintao" in order to indicate his political office. Likewise, "Dr" or "Prof" are dropped. Yawning Bread believes in being very egalitarian when referring to people.
  • People should not be referred to by snide nicknames. Do not refer to Lee Hsien Loong as "minilee" or "babylee".
  • Essays should not be merely an even-handed review of facts without offering any opinion or conclusion. It's boring. However, in forming one's opinion, one should try to be fair to any major counter-arguments that one can anticipate.
  • Needless to say, the essay should be a reasoned analysis or opinion, and not a vituperative outburst.

You will need to give me your real name and a working email address which I will keep confidential. Your essay can either be under your real name or a pseudonym of your choice.

Guest essays can be submitted through the email link on the main Yawning Bread site.


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