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Dec 2007 Blogging is a criminal hobby, part 1 - there are so many laws and regulations, you can't escape Law, Med
Dec 2007 Happy to eat apart - Muslim food stalls are disappearing from food courts Soc
Dec 2007 Supreme Court victory in Nepal - but what is the effect of its ruling? Law, Hom
Dec 2007 DIY self-portraits, part 2 - why it is important to zoom Oth [photography]
Dec 2007 Tips for the vision-impaired - how to enlarge text and graphics Oth [IT]
Dec 2007 My mother's Christmas - she was rushed to hospital, again, this week Per
Dec 2007 New highs for ministerial salaries, new lows for media credibility - well, it says it all Pol, Med
Dec 2007 Christopher de Souza's four rebuttals - the MP's arguments for retaining 377A are unconvincing Pol, Hom
Dec 2007 Hady did Singapore proud, part 2 - we can discern some political lessons from his victory too Soc, Oth [entertainment]
Dec 2007 Hady did Singapore proud - Hady Mirza represented Singapore at the first Asian Idol contest Oth [entertainment]
Dec 2007 DIY self-portraits - how to take good pictures of yourself with an inexpensive camera Oth [photography]
Dec 2007 What lurks beyond globalisation and capitalism - will the income gap continue to widen endlessly? Pol
Dec 2007 A skipped floor - some years ago, I met this guy... Per
Dec 2007 Who shall watch the Watchmen? - do we have a law against hate crimes (to be distinguished from hate speech)? Pol, Law, Rel, Hom
Dec 2007 Migrants should be required to take English courses - linguistic friction exacerbates xenophobia Soc
Nov 2007 China's trade surpluses: disequilibrium and accommodation - a compromise between the US/EU and China is needed Oth [econ]
Nov 2007 Fees or fines, we make it all the easier - the MDA not only tries to manage its image, but even more slyly, it wants to massage the news Pol, Med, Hom
Nov 2007 Enforcing racial and religious harmony - what laws are applicable to hate speech? Law. Kno
Nov 2007 Taxi problem the result of 3 deadly sins - which is why the problem is so hard to lick Oth [transport]
Nov 2007 Parliamentarians with nothing to say - Singapore is supposed to be an IT leader, but few MPs blog Pol, Med
Nov 2007 When the wind blows, thank the government - is there anyone left in Singapore who feels that free speech is a right? Pol, Med, Hom
Nov 2007 A Rumsfeldian future - without viable opposition parties, we have no Plan B should certain unknowns hit us Pol
Nov 2007 Flat jokes and dumb remarks - from our ministers, in their desperate attempts to justify the "system" Pol
Nov 2007 Minorities and state protection - how do we decide on minority rights, and what's wrong with identity politics? Pol, Soc, Hom
Nov 2007 Towards a human rights mechanism, part 2 - the Asean Charter cops out on human rights Pol
Nov 2007 Nasal straws in the wind - 3 possibly significant moments in the gay debate during the last week Soc, Med, Hom
Nov 2007 Too proud of our noose - a law professor recently spoke out against the way we use the death penalty Law
Nov 2007 Ake Green and the freedom to monger hate - when religionists say gay people are out to muzzle religion, this is one case they refer to Law, Rel, Hom
Oct 2007 Robo Chan's short-lived happiness - the mystery of numbers Soc, Kno, Oth [Econ]
Oct 2007 The limits of civility - who was the mystery guy who wanted to desecrate Thio Li-Ann's grave? Pol, Hom
Oct 2007 Non-repeal of 377A: Was it all a blunder? - the government hates  contentious debates, yet it got caught in one Pol, Hom
Oct 2007 The loonies are marching - the anti-gay Christianists plan to take to the streets Rel, Hom
Oct 2007 Newspapers should beware of being shunned by the intelligent - else their quality reputation falls Med, Hom
Oct 2007 Wednesday's little things - small things we hardly give a thought to may point to larger social trends Soc
Oct 2007 When warnings go unheeded - it's getting harder for the government to ban public protests Pol
Oct 2007 Black and blue - the NZ rugby team's haka Kno, Hom
Oct 2007 Petition to the prime minister: repeal 377Aa now - too many people sign anonymously Pol, Hom
Oct 2007 Burma: don't rule out sanctions - Asean must not shirk its responsibility Pol
Sep 2007 On Otto, part 2 - the press reports Med, Hom
Sep 2007 On Otto, part 1 - a gay teacher comes out Soc, Hom, Per
Sep 2007 Fun with FOI - unearthing facts that public agencies may wish to hide Pol
Sep 2007 Rock, jazz and songbirds silenced - small things that we take for granted in our city disappear too Soc
Sep 2007 "It's a matter of time," says Lee Kuan Yew - while Derek Hong rants from the pulpit Pol, Rel, Hom
Sep 2007 Towards a human rights mechanism - will Singaporeans be left out of the Asean human rights mechanism? Pol
Aug 2007 Why would anyone rescue Singapore? - Lee Kuan Yew says Singapore cannot hold out for more than 2 - 3 weeks if attacked Pol
Aug 2007 The Good News Times strikes again - inflation hits the poor more than the rich, but you won't know this if you read... Soc, Med
Aug 2007 Religious affiliation of MPs - some interesting data, but use with care Pol
Aug 2007 Teacher's termination still unaccounted for - the government keeps giving nonsensical answers in Parliament Pol
Aug 2007 CPF and its creaky assumptions - as Singapore's economy changes structurally, is the Central Provident Fund scheme able to provide all the answers? Pol, Soc
Aug 2007 Cinema: Jesus camp - an inside look into the making of a "God's army" Rel
Aug 2007 Singapore second last in Asia democracy index - out of 16 countries surveyed Pol
Aug 2007  Race, religion and Negarakuku - a controversy in Malaysia poses good questions for Singapore too Pol, Med
Aug 2007 Police declare joggers an "illegal assembly" - but who are the real trouble-makers? Pol, Law, Hom
Aug 2007 Time travel via our roads - what's a landmark to us may mean nothing to others Soc, Per
Aug 2007 Spirits from our past - Royston Tan's new film '881' celebrates the getai culture Soc, Oth [cinema]
Aug 2007 Pity the heliconias - the irony of our 'Garden City' rhetoric, the irony of "City of Possibilities' Pol, Soc, Hom, Kno
Aug 2007 Death by numbers, part 2 - the Straits Times doesn't respect accuracy in citations Med, Hom
Aug 2007 Death by numbers - Alan Chin uses pseudo-scientific talk to demonise the "gay lifestyle" Hom, Oth [HIV]
Aug 2007 Picking on a picnic - the Botanic Gardens wouldn't let gays have a picnic on their grounds Pol, Hom
Aug 2007 Public transport model needs a rethink - instead of imposing new demands on existing operators, what about inviting new ones in? Pol, Oth [transport]
Aug 2007 Bark and crumble - how my Douglas Sanders lecture got banned Pol, Hom, Per
Aug 2007 My kissing project, part 4 - news of  the ban travels around the world Pol, Med, Hom, Per
July 2007 My kissing project, part 3 - the MDA bans my exhibition Pol, Hom
July 2007 Ian McKellen supports Indignation - he leaves a video message Pol, Law, Hom
July 2007 My kissing project, part 2 - the MDA sits on my application Pol, Hom
July 2007 Homosexuality and the moral imperative - one side of the debate is undergirded by a strong sense of morality Law, Rel, Hom, Kno
July 2007 Entertainment news: Ian McKellen - the minutiae of a celebrity's week in Singapore hints at a larger story Pol, Hom
July 2007 Racial Harmony Day - racial harmony is important but do we know how to foster it? Pol, Soc
July 2007 $2,500 to rent a 3-room flat? - is this report in the Straits Times correct? Med
July 2007 HK court finds public sodomy law discriminatory - and how would our legal system wrangle with the government's promises not to enforce Section 377A? Law, Hom
July 2007 This month, the Christian rightwing finds 3 more villains - the rightwing is being repeatedly stirred up over the gay issue Pol, Rel, Hom
July 2007 Invisible histories of our city - another fascinating documentary by Tan Pin Pin Soc, Med, Kno
July 2007 Unintended consequences - Singapore is obsessive about planning, but sometimes the planning is faulty or things just don't go according to plan, adding a bit of chaos to this place Soc, Per
June 2007 A world without objective, impartial newspapers - can a society exist without them? Pol, Med
June 2007 The peace faction has got it wrong - repeating ad nauseum "Islam is a religion of peace" won't win the battle against extremism Rel
June 2007 Changing the information landscape - what a Freedom of Information Act can and cannot do Pol, Law
June 2007 Teacher unaccountably terminated - why a Freedom of Information Act is needed Pol, Hom
June 2007 Creationism - a dangerous beast - do not treat it as merely religion, with its usual immunities Soc, Rel, Kno, Hum
June 2007 Lina Joy case holds lessons for Singapore - the legal questions raised by this Malaysian case resonate here too Pol, Law, Rel,
June 2007 My kissing project, part 1 - I'm taking photos and testing censorship limits Pol, Hom, Per
June 2007 Watch out for the big men - J B Jeyaretnam wants to launch a new party Pol
May 2007 Why Section 377A is redundant - there are so many other laws at hand Law, Hom
May 2007 UNSW follows Warwick University out - proving how weak the "Singapore" brand is Pol, Soc, Oth [Edu]
May 2007 Harmless traits can be criminalised, says minister - another Christian argues for anti-gay laws Pol, Law, Hom
May 2007 God, morality and Haidt - Chua Mui Hoong argued that while religion can inform one's beliefs, God should not be brought into the public debate about morals. But it hasn't, has it? Soc, Rel, Hom
May 2007 Mediacorp's survey on decriminalisation - 62% of Singaporean "heartlanders" want to keep homosexuality criminal Pol, Law, Soc, Med, Hom
May 2007 From City Hall to the Gaza Strip and back - the slippery slope to corruption begins with conflict of interest Pol
May 2007 Lost in a fog of fear - has anyone noticed that the majority Chinese don't seem to care if the anti-gay law stays or goes? Pol, Soc, Hom
May 2007 Singing, voting and the unknowables - the biggest voting exercise on earth Oth [music]
May 2007 New scare tactic: religious strife - the spectre of social conflict is raised to argue against decriminalisation Pol, Soc, Rel, Hom
May 2007 Queen to k6 - a law lecturer steps into the fray, mouthing the usual long-discredited arguments against decriminalisation Law, Hom
May 2007 Fall of the BP chief, part 1 - was it because he was outed? Med, Hom
May 2007 Fall of the BP chief, part 2 - thoughts about freedom of speech, prostitution, etc Soc, Med, Hom
Apr 2007 Rage in safe Singapore - a spate of violent incidents calls for introspection Law, Soc
Apr 2007 Digging into foundations is mischief - new excavations have raised questions about Chinese history; anyone excavating Singapore's political history? Pol, Hom, Oth [archeology]
Apr 2007 Highly paid moral weasels - "eventually" the law will have to be repealed, says Lee Pol, law, Hom
Apr 2007 The oracle from St James - Lee Kuan Yew talks about homosexuality, but what is he really saying? Pol, Law, Hom
Apr 2007 Some get married, others get raped - gay news from around the world in the last 2 months Pol, Law, Rel, Hom
Apr 2007 Gobsmacking days - we are all prone to foolish associations and categorisations, but it's less forgivable when corporations don't realise it Soc, Hum, Per
Apr 2007 How a traffic jam began - the "cover-your arse" syndrome at work Soc
Apr 2007 Defending the national scripture - another of Martyn See's films is banned. Pol, Law, Med
Apr 2007 Cinema: Two stories from the slums - The blossoming of Maximo Oliveros and I don't want to sleep alone Med, Per
Apr 2007 Ministers get pensions too - in a way that may well be "uniquely Singapore" Pol
Apr 2007 Lights, action.....and cut - more examples of censorship in action; the MDA's TV program code Pol, Law, Med, Hom
Mar 2007 Singapore government promotes obscenity - how else would you describe raising already high ministerial salaries? Pol
Mar 2007 Compensating for a frustrating neighbourhood - with Asean going nowhere, Singapore has to fend for itself Pol, Kno
Mar 2007 Don't infect the state with religion - the correlation between religiosity and social ills; what is meant by 'secular state'? Pol, Soc, Rel
Mar 2007 Life in construction - uncaring supervisors at construction sites Soc, Hum
Mar 2007 The good ol' days of jail and caning for immorality - police entrapment of gay men, 1990 - 1993 Law, Hom
Mar 2007 Will ours be an overcrowded city? - let's not get alarmist when considering the physical needs for accommodating 6.5 million people Soc, Oth [urban planning]
Mar 2007 Sandstorm masks politics of diversion - Indonesia banned the export of sand to Singapore Pol, Law
Mar 2007 Criminalise lesbianism, say Church leaders - Biblical "values" must apply to non-Christians too Pol, Law, Rel, Hom
Mar 2007 Race, religion and the sinicisation of Singlish - race and religion shouldn't be taboo subjects just because they are sensitive Pol, Soc
Mar 2007 Gays should support censorship, Andy Ho says - he's straining to make a case why gay porn hurts gay men Med, Hom
Feb 2007 Incredible wife makes disappearing act - Melissa Etheridge's words censored out, too 'global' for our provincial minds Pol, Law, Med, Hom
Feb 2007 6.5 million will make a different Singapore - preparing to take in 2 million more immigrants Soc, Kno
Feb 2007 Breeding intolerance - between religion and law, people find cause to behave badly Law, Soc, Rel, Hom, Hum, Per
Feb 2007 Research controversy risks Singapore's credibility - changing course because a Lee family member protested can be very costly Pol
Feb 2007 Mismeasuring the press - Kishore Mahbubani dismisses press rankings Pol, Med
Feb 2007 Workers' Party shies away from the gay issue - the party will not argue for repeal Pol, Law, Hom
Feb 2007 Love Airways flies nowhere, Shortbus may not arrive - on sex censorship, Singapore is so behind Med
Feb 2007 Perspectival shift and capital punishment - how do people form opinions or change their minds about the death penalty? Law, Soc
Feb 2007 Après nous, les militaires - if the PAP collapsed, should the most likely prospect be a military take-over? Pol
Jan 2007 Performing law - the conveyor belt takes Tochi to the noose Pol, Law
Jan 2007 Renckens' wrenching idea - a priest in Singapore argues for a rethink of the Catholic Church's position on homosexuals Rel, Hom
Jan 2007 Catholic adoption agencies demand exemption from serving gay couples - as required in Britain under their new Equality Act Pol, Law, Rel, Hom
Jan 2007 Half of younger Singaporeans consider homosexuality "acceptable" - as found by Singapore Polytechnic in a recent survey Soc, Hom
Jan 2007 Saint Jack slays two myths - this rather good 1978 film is more instructive than it first appears Soc, Med, Kno
Jan 2007 Sir, may I have the can please? - encounters with the destitute; is our society already fraying at the edges? Soc
Jan 2007 Temasek Holdings stews in familiar juice - the dangers of laws conveniently enforced or unenforced depending on the political wind Pol, Law, Hom
Jan 2007 The eye that popped up from nowhere - Kuala Lumpur's ferris wheel gets a headstart on the Singapore Flyer Oth [tourism]
Jan 2007 Man at faregate refutes creationism - 3 transport incidents illustrate how humans think, and how the process can go wrong Kno, Hum
Jan 2007 We are all collaborators now - a common link between the tiny issue of a smoking ban and a key mechanism of totalitarianism Pol, Law








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