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Dec 2006 Neither honesty nor religious tolerance needed - the American religious right on gay parenting and Muslims Pol, Rel, Hom
Dec 2006 Cinema: Borat is boring - meant to spoof American prejudices, but failed Soc, Med
Dec 2006 Unintelligent toilets - public rest rooms in Singapore are equipped with all sorts of sensors and gadgets, yet... Sec Oth [urban planning]
Dec 2006 Singapore bans tsunami charity book, part 2 - the government says female nudes are acceptable, male nudes not. Pol, Med
Dec 2006 Singapore bans tsunami charity book, part 1 - Leslie Kee's "Superstars" is banned by the MDA because of "full nudity" Pol, Med
Dec 2006 A nonbeliever in the religion of food - fads and favourites in a food paradise Soc, Per
Dec 2006 The safety limits of globalisation - when markets and corporations are global, how effective are governments that are only local? Pol
Dec 2006 Bedside reading - some people get worked up over sexual titillation and pornography Soc, Med
Dec 2006 How to treat citizens better than foreigners - foreign workers will no longer enjoy healthcare subsidies Pol, Soc, Hum
Dec 2006 There's public consultation and there's public consultation - the Hong Kong government has just abandoned its proposed 5% GST Pol, Hom
Dec 2006 Blogging and the making of history - the Workers' Party must get better at seizing the moment Pol, Med
Dec 2006 Atttitudes towards HIV risks and education - do gays and straights hold different opinions? Do males and females see things differently? Soc, Hom, Oth [HIV]
Nov 2006 Cinema: Indigenes and others - art films from France and Germany that I saw recently Soc, Med, Hum
Nov 2006 Hate speech law badly drafted - the government wants to broaden the scope of the law Law
Nov 2006 What our non-crusading media avoids- ranked 146th in the world, some stories are too sensitive to be carried Pol, Med, Rel, Hom
Nov 2006 Our disgraceful trinity: littering, inconsideration and bad service - do we try to find out the deep reasons why? Soc
Nov 2006 The niqab and the freedom of religion - is there any logical reason why people speak of the freedom of religion? Pol, Soc, Rel
Nov 2006 All work, little pay - GST increase to address the low income problem; but there's the demographic problem too  Pol, Soc
Nov 2006 Bad rep costs - the uncounted economic costs of authoritarianism Pol, Kno
Nov 2006 But if you can't rape your wife, who can you rape? - proposed changes to the Penal Code re spousal rape Law
Nov 2006 Waylaid by rubbish - half of people cannot analyse or discern information from the internet. What does that mean? Med, Kno
Nov 2006 Pseudo repeal under cover of smoke? - something's going on about the Penal Code, but what? Pol, Law, Hom
Nov 2006 An echoless ravine - raising interest in politics among young Singaporeans is an uphill task Pol
Nov 2006 Quicksand conservatism - the Ted Haggard case once more shows how bankrupt the anti-gay cause is, and not just in America Pol, Rel, Hom
Nov 2006 A bit of Kenya in Singapore - I met three Kenyans at a stall selling artefacts Soc
Oct 2006 Temasek Holdings' Tongnoi tangle - the investment company came close to having a scoundrel as its corporate advisor Pol
Oct 2006 Kim's bomb and Pax Sinica - what the crisis may bring over the longer term Pol
Oct 2006 New Jersey court orders legislature to provide for same-sex unions - in a split decision Law, Hom
Oct 2006 Cable TV fined over lesbian sex - even when pixelated and aired at midnight Pol, Med, Hom
Oct 2006 Co-opting, Singapore-style - what and why does the PAP co-opt? Pol
Oct 2006 Gay man seeks asylum in US - claiming that he is persecuted in Singapore on account of his sexual orientation Law, Hom
Oct 2006 Christian Taliban demands censorship - George Lim wrote to the Straits Times saying most movies are "worthless" Soc
Oct 2006 What a clean and cultured place we have - or so we think Soc
Oct 2006 Gay sex is for straight men - 10% of married men in New York were having gay sex Hom
Oct 2006 Headlines matter - FEER banned and how does Singapore gain from that? Pol
Oct 2006 Short Circuit 2006 - for the record, part 1 - how the first showcase of queer short films in Singapore came about Med, Hom
Oct 2006 Short Circuit 2006 - for the record, part 2 - personal comments about 5 of the short films shown at the queer film showcase Med, Hom
Oct 2006 When hip hop is scary - 12 members of parliament want to appear "cool" to win votes Pol
Oct 2006 The apology that wasn't - Lee Kuan Yew said Malaysia and Indonesia want Singapore to be like their compliant Chinese minorities Pol
Sep 2006 Volleyball team does Singapore proud - at the Gay Games in Chicago this year Soc, Hom
Sep 2006 From selective wisdom to selective folly: why the future does not belong to bloggers - the lunchtime talk at SMU Soc, Kno
Sep 2006 What we've yet to see, hear or speak of - unequal age of consent struck down in Hong Kong, campaign against "unnatural sex" law in India Pol, Law, Hom
Sep 2006 Lessons from the Thai coup d'etat - the risks to a viable democracy Pol
Sep 2006 Who owns the street? - the Substation's Street Party was killed by the police Pol, Soc, Kno
Sep 2006 Minister tries to explain censorship of gay expression - and gets himself into a twist Pol, Med, Hom
Sep 2006 Tell the people that others are singing our praises - how we delude ourselves about what a wonderful and efficient place this is Pol, Med
Sep 2006 Frontline: Hong Lim - Opposition politician, prevented from marching to Parliament, camps out at Hong Lim Green Pol
Sep 2006 Noisy when people throw stones at tinpots - even the World Bank chief broke diplomatic silence to say "enormous damage has been done" to our reputation Pol, Law
Sep 2006 Why I was such a bitch on Tuesday - I refused to provide the Straits Times with my comments Pol, Med, Hom
Sep 2006 Silence serves us poorly - allowing HIV and AIDS to strike those who are close to us Soc, Hum, Per
Sep 2006 Peaceful streets - why aren't Singaporeans clamouring for freedom of speech and assembly? Pol, Soc
Sep 2006 CNA: fifty-dollar men - a program about male prostitution illustrates why Singapore's creative industries cannot take off Pol, Med, Hom
Sep 2006 The case of Iwuchukwu Amara Tochi - the facts of this drug case; would you have convicted him? Law
Aug 2006 Cinema: Singapore Dreaming - good acting, solid direction, an absorbing film that shows what film-making in Singapore now needs Med, Per
Aug 2006 Selling immigration - the government's lack of political skills makes this an uphill task Pol, Med
Aug 2006 On the front bench - the 5-minute speech I gave in the old Parliament chamber Pol, Hom, Per
Aug 2006 Nice pineapple tarts - 15 people tell their personal stories in a newly published book, 'SQ21' Soc, Hom, Hum
Aug 2006 How NOT to succeed in the conventions business - the World Bank and IMF agree to hold their summit meeting in Singapore next month, then we piss them off Pol, Law
Aug 2006 Immigration, public opinion and seizable offences - throwing your sons out while inviting guests in Pol, Law, Hom
Aug 2006 Taxi problem is not a taxi problem - but a symptom of faulty central planning of transport as a whole Pol, Oth [transport]
Aug 2006 Apathetic youth, idols, buzz and a paedophile - four bits of news tonight Pol, Law, Soc, Med
Aug 2006 PAP wins by a landslide - even gays voted for them during Indignation Hom
Aug 2006 Mahathir's mirror - Singapore politics reflected in Mahathir's campaign against Abdullah Badawi Pol, Med
Aug 2006 Singapore government takes hostages from foreign press - leading international newspapers and magazines to deposit $200,000 each Pol, Med
Aug 2006 Clown show from our state censors - the play 'Smegma' is approved, then banned, then banned with a different reason Pol
Aug 2006 The fear and lunacy that is arts censorship - a poem can be printed but not read; exhibits that are banned for no good reason at all Pol
Aug 2006 Political apoplexy and police priorities - what the police got up to when they heard of IndigNation and why Pol, Law, Hom
Jul 2006 Racial Harmony Day  - a newspaper thought it newsworthy that our teenagers couldn't read race and religion the Singapore way Soc, Med
Jul 2006 Israel attacks Hezbollah in Lebanon - thoughts about militias and statesmanship in the Arab Middle East Pol
Jul 2006 Sauce for the goose - journalist Andy Ho warns of political videos to come Pol, Med
Jul 2006 Honour and the control of others - how sexist and patriarchal ideas make men look stupid Soc, Hom
Jul 2006 Gay marriage defeated in New York court - on what grounds? the key arguments explained Law, Hom
Jul 2006 When the puppet speaks to the master - a striking headline in the Straits Times Pol, Med
Jul 2006 Singapore buys Malaysia, Malaysia bombs Singapore - are we still for free speech? Pol, Med
Jul 2006 Flags and monuments - unfortunately, flying the flag around National Day doesn't mean what it is supposed to mean Pol, Soc
Jul 2006 Much ado about citizen journalism - a feature story in the Straits Times that seemed oddly out of focus Med
Jul 2006 The inutility of speaking truth unto power - the government took a blogger to task for "sarcasm" Pol, Med
Jul 2006 Income inequality widens markedly - one in three households had less income in 2005 than in 2000 Pol, Oth [econ]
Jul 2006 The troubles of Joo Chiat - zoning and urban planning issues, and what really goes on in the district Soc
Jun 2006 Homosexuality and the problem of scale - as gay invisibility among humans and animals start to fall away, there needs a rethink of the place of homosexuality in nature Hom, Kno
Jun 2006 The Straits Times as an educational tool - it's a sad day when poor English creeps into the premier newspaper Soc, Oth [lang]
Jun 2006 Keeping Singapore safe for families - think critically for a moment about our sex industry Law, Soc, Hum
Jun 2006 Goh Chok Tong admits that GRCs are meant to skew - so that "capable" people get an easy ride into office Pol
Jun 2006 How George W Bush feeds Muslim cynicism - survey finds gulf between Muslims and Westerners; Bush does his part Pol, Soc
Jun 2006 Religion in defence of male privilege - a woman head of a major church faces controversy. Nikah Misyar. Criticising religion. Rel
Jun 2006 Lee Hsien Loong not impressed by democracy in Australia - because they have a two-party system Pol
Jun 2006 An appalling standard of English - and why we need to hire teachers from abroad Soc, Oth [edu]
Jun 2006 Stomping its way to.... where? - it's baffling why the Straits Times thinks a portal like Stomp can help reverse its fortunes Med
Jun 2006 Football fan-dom part 3 - sports passion, nationalism and regimentation Soc
Jun 2006 Football fan-dom part 2 - following the World Cup is so much fun Soc, Hum
Jun 2006 Football fan-dom part 1 - why do so many men follow sports, especially soccer, avidly? Why men? Soc, Hum
Jun 2006 Courts must pay attention to the quality of justice - at what point does entrapment become illegitimate? Law
Jun 2006 Yet another exploitative story by the New Paper - 61 words about a court case, 745 more about gays, drugs and sex Med, Hom
Jun 2006 Interpreting the IPS voter survey - how much and where is the support for opposition parties? Pol, Kno
Jun 2006 The propaganda of lies, the propaganda of spin - shaping information and the national agenda in China, Singapore and the US Pol, Med, Hom
Jun 2006 IPS post-election forum, part 2 - the afternoon's proceedings Pol, Med
Jun 2006 IPS post-election forum, part 1 - the morning's proceedings Pol
Jun 2006 The Mbeki Syndrome - South Africa has the highest HIV prevalence of any major country. What can we learn from that? Soc, Hom, Hum
May 2006 Merapi, bird flu and creationism - many people in this world do not subscribe to scientific rationalism Soc, Kno
May 2006 Opposition parties' poor bet - no good reason to oppose casinos Pol, Soc
May 2006 Gay equality: from First world to Third - Massachusetts, China, and New Paper "exposť" in Singapore Pol, Soc, Med, Hom, Oth [edu]
May 2006 Legislator wants to "manage" political expression on the internet - because there was "unbalanced" coverage during elections Pol, Med
May 2006 The misuse of the state - Lee Kuan Yew says (again) that a multiparty system is not necessary for a democracy Pol
May 2006 Indonesia: fundamentalism on the march - what drives religious fundamentalism? Pol, Soc, Rel, Hum
May 2006 The last communist in the cinema - history is still alive Pol, Med, Hum
May 2006 Did CNA act unprofessionally? - a blog claims that the TV news channel doctored its pages before showing them Med
May 2006 Flat-footed and worse - how well did our mainstream media acquit themselves during the elections? Pol, Med
May 2006 Lesbian brains, lesbophobia and the path to the divine - lesbians react to hormone-derived smells in unique ways Hom, Rel, Kno, Hum
May 2006 Race and ethnicity: the Singaporean perspective - a new way of looking Soc, Kno
May 2006 The deadly embrace of politics - how the Enernorth and Ahmad Khalis cases may undermine trust in Singapore law and the media Pol, Law, Med
May 2006 A post-election scolding from old Lee - perhaps it's just compulsive behaviour Pol
May 2006 Chikus and me - one evening I realised I was an adult Hum, Per
May 2006 Some quick thoughts about the election results - The PAP will have 82 seats out of 84 in the next legislature Pol
May 2006 Retreat and own goals - the PAP's missteps this election season Pol
May 2006 Don't open the papers! Screaming banshees! - the James Gomez (non)-issue in the electoral campaign Pol
May 2006 The GRC election quiz - what are the rules for GRC elections? Pol
May 2006 Reviewing the gay question before the polls - which MP or candidate has been homophobic? Pol, Hom
May 2006 On Hougang field - a huge election rally Pol
Apr 2006 11% of Singaporeans have had gay sex - according to the 2005 Durex survey Soc, Hom, Kno
Apr 2006 General election 2006: the manifestos - are you an engaged Singaporean? do you know what each party stands for? Pol, Per
Apr 2006 How religious nuts will damage our economy - kissing in KL, Crazy Horse, casino and "shamanism" Pol, Soc, Rel, Kno
Apr 2006 Blogging during elections 3 - 'Today' newspaper got it wrong, you can blog Pol, Med
Apr 2006 Homo sapiens singaporiensis - a talk I gave to a group of students on the topic of "Singapore - our home?" Soc
Apr 2006 Democracy, liberalism and values - a long response to a reader's email Pol
Apr 2006 In the beginning, corruption may be popular - Lee Kuan Yew says, "you will never eliminate the opposition." Yes, but... Pol
Apr 2006 Heresy in the Tree of Knowledge - the Gospel of Judas and the inerrant Bible that says homosexuality is offensive to God Pol, Rel, Kno, Hom
Apr 2006 The serene backbenches - do our Members of Parliament speak up? Pol
Apr 2006 James gets in the way - rare are ads with even the slightest hint of homosexuality Pol, Med, Hom
Apr 2006 How we misread the Thaksin crisis - seems like the Singapore establishment was sure Thaksin would prevail Pol, Med
Apr 2006 Singapore as a force for good and evil - how this little place impacts society and politics in this region. Pol, Soc, Hom
Apr 2006 Blogging during elections 2 - the government explains the law on blogging and podcasting  Pol, Med
Apr 2006 The PAP and the idealism of nuns - why MPs who "serve the people" may not be good for Singapore Pol
Apr 2006 The emperor's heirs - cultural cross-fertilisation; cultural conceit Soc
Mar 2006 Politicians should be judged by their public statements - the case of PAP candidate Denise Phua Pol, Hom
Mar 2006 Not feelin' good - reading between the lines after another gay party is cancelled Pol, Hom
Mar 2006 She with the brass knuckles - Irene Ng's hardline response to a Straits Times letter Pol
Mar 2006 What rules the public domain? - is religion a private matter? why must societies be organised rationally? Pol, Soc, Rel, Kno
Mar 2006 First 3 PAP newbies don't deserve the gay vote - homophobic and confused, ready to let religion override our secular constitution Pol, Hom
Mar 2006 Is the Temasek-Shin Corp deal a loser? - is the political backlash fatal? Oth [biz]
Mar 2006 Topless Vietnamese woman falls to her death - why morality laws should be scrapped Law, Soc
Mar 2006 Will it kill us to have 20 opposition MPs? - what should voters look for in opposition candidates? Pol
Mar 2006 Deaf tourists and dud names - how visitors get lost in our city Pol, Soc, Oth [tourism]
Mar 2006 No escaping the death penalty - are you in favour of sending murderers to the gallows? Law, Pol
Mar 2006 At 9:18, I remembered - how will we remember the people we love? Hum, Per
Mar 2006 Electoral boundary changes: as opaque as ever - no convincing demographic reasons behind them Pol
Mar 2006 Looking at the Other - awareness, recognition and "all of them look alike" Soc, Hum
Mar 2006 The sounds we make, the questions they raise - Tan Pin Pin's documentary 'Singapore GaGa' captures a side of our city we seldom think about Soc, Med
Feb 2006 Life in glass houses - the ethical and moral challenge posed by information technology Soc, Hum
Feb 2006 Stop building a pantheon - why having Senior Ministers is a bad idea Pol
Feb 2006 Who is mentally ill? - homosexuals or religious nuts? Soc, Rel, Hom
Feb 2006 Brokeback Mountain: a Singaporean conversation - a collection of things straight folks are saying Med, Hom
Feb 2006 Danish cartoons and the doggiesite - how and where do we draw the line? Pol, Rel
Feb 2006 Here's proof that homosexuals can change! - the controversial 2001 study by Robert Spitzer Hom, Kno
Feb 2006 The limits of choice - some people have some choice whether to go gay or straight Hom
Feb 2006 Fools and fraudsters: sexuality education in Singapore - the reasons for the mess Rel, Oth [Edu]
Feb 2006 Danish cartoons stir controversy - religious tyranny versus freedom of speech Pol, Med, Rel
Jan 2006 What our electoral system brings in - Lee Kuan Yew admits that the PAP uses GRCs to bring weak candidates into Parliament Pol
Jan 2006 Blogging during elections - do you know that it's against the law to write favourably about any party or candidate?  Pol, Law, Med
Jan 2006 Racially integrated neighbourhoods? - the Worker's Party said we should scrap racial quotas for flats. Meanwhile in Texas... Pol, Soc, Hom
Jan 2006 The 3 layers of the Liberty League issue - a more structured overview of the case Pol, Med, Hom
Jan 2006 Spread your legs or be caned - why do we make so many distinctions between male and female? Pol, Law. Hom
Jan 2006 On Pulau Tekong - and why free speech is essential to our future Pol
Jan 2006 Government gives $100K to a religious and anti-gay group - breaching 3 of its own criteria for grants Pol, Rel, Hom
Jan 2006 Obviously, Soros was right - billionaire George Soros said Singapore does not qualify as an open society Pol, Med
Jan 2006 Prostitution and the documentary 'Child sex tourism' - how should we approach these 2 problems, prostitution and child sex? Soc
Jan 2006 Deja vu: just a few busts and arrests - despite the gay confetti in the UK, elsewhere police continue to raid and harass Law, Hom
Jan 2006 Rethinking 'Chinese diaspora' - why do we think Chinese migrant communities constitute a diaspora? Soc
Jan 2006 Why our whistles don't toot - whistle-blowing and freedom of speech and assembly Pol, Law








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