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Dec 2002 Why looking for a job is so hard - urban illiteracy and not even getting to the job interview Soc, Per
Dec 2002 When all we know of government policy is a sample of one - when government policy is kept shrouded, we can only speculate from specific cases seen Pol, Hom
Dec 2002 When morality is lethal - the anti-sex brigade keep talking abstinence Soc
Dec 2002 Turning fifty - the watershed birthday Per
Dec 2002 Junior minister notes gay sheep - the government may be finally acknowledging that homosexuality is an innate condition Pol, Hom
Dec 2002 Déjà vu, the unipolar world - there's nothing ahistorical about a single superpower Pol
Dec 2002 Preventive detention - given the reality of terror networks right in our midst, is the Internal Security Act defensible? Pol, Law
Dec 2002 Four-legged critters first - all news is filtered, but some, like Heather and her 2 mommies, are filtered out altogether Med, Hom
Oct 2002 SAS 2001: the media reports - how the local media reported on the government's survey on social attitudes, including homosexuality Soc. Med, Hom
Oct 2002 SAS 2001: the first monograph - the government releases its survey results with a question touching on homosexuality Pol, Soc, Hom, Kno
Sep 2002 Price increases symptomise the failure of our political system - ncreases in bus fares, parking charges, hospital fees in the midst of a recession Pol
Sep 2002 Thorny water - between Singapore and Malaysia, the subject is water, but the issue is pride Pol
Sep 2002 In search of the absolute truth - the third precept - whether Buddhism says homosexuality is wrong, from the Remaking Singapore Forum Rel, Hom
Sep 2002 In search of absolute truth - Leviticus, Corinthians and Romans - - a debate about these oft-cited Biblical passages in the Remaking Singapore Forum Rel, Hom
Sep 2002 In search of absolute truth - the common denominator thesis - since all religions, allegedly, condemn homosexuality, it must be the absolute truth Soc, Rel, Hom
Sep 2002 Sodom in Pakistan - present-day tribal society has ways similar to that described in the Old Testament Law, Soc, Rel, Hom
Aug 2002 Granny Tew's maid - bleeding, pale and cold, and sent home Soc, Hum
Aug 2002 Malay responses to homosexuality -  friends in a bar and Southeast Asian constructions of gender Soc, Hom, Per
Aug 2002 The new healthcare insecurity - our healthcare costs are soaring and people are left in the dust Soc
Aug 2002 Remaking Singapore: the homosexuality thread -  a selection of other Singaporeans' voices on this topic Soc, Hom
Jul 2002 Raiding our minds - why we're so susceptible to rumours about police raids of gay bars and spas Hom
Jul 2002 The case for discrimination - fat passengers, racial profiling and Pim Fortuyn Soc
May 2002 Pius Primus - in a sense I was already gay by age 14. Per
May 2002 Any boy bars in Singapore? - what are the factors that give rise to such an industry? Soc, Hom
May 2002 A barricade of mendicants - what big wreaths and condolence advertisements say about us Soc
May 2002 The leech on the trannie's bum -  a Scottish newspaper does a feature on Singapore, and without fail, Bugis Street comes up. Med
May 2002 Attack the crack! - the mysteries of quality control in massage parlours Hom, Oth
Apr 2002 Ownership is not a title deed - a high rate of home-ownership, yet no commitment to Singapore as home Pol, Soc
Apr 2002 OG magazine second time around -The New Paper front-paged a story about a student posing nude for OG magazine Soc, Med
Apr 2002 Scruffy and the world economy - the global free market may not be as rosy a future as we think Pol, Soc
Apr 2002 Is globalisation truly the future? - US steel tariffs, massive protests by the Chinese unemployed... are we still charging ahead? Pol, Soc
Mar 2002 Teens magazine: the world of homosexuality -  a gay-friendly article appeared in a local magazine aimed at teenagers Med, Hom
Mar 2002 Malaysia and Singapore: a conflict of insecurities -  why these two countries have a hard time getting along with each other Pol
Mar 2002 Over claypot rice - why gay people interrogate their religions about their stands on homosexuality Rel, Hom, Hum
Mar 2002 Hard-edged - some religions require exclusivity and identification; some cultures require the same of sexuality Soc, Rel
Mar 2002 Dunman Integrated in September 1964 - a school full of 13-year-olds of various races, and communal riots break out just a kilometre or two away Soc, Per
Mar 2002 Deconstructing 'natural law' - a look at the biases underlying seemingly logical arguments about how homosexuality is a disorder Rel, Hom
Mar 2002 Why a common language is important - so long as different communities speak different languages, segregation will be unavoidable Soc
Mar 2002 The uselessness of history - from the communal riots in Gujerat, to stalemate in Palestine, to Taiwan, history provides no solution Pol
Feb 2002 Multiculturalism in a saucedish -  hired a non-Chinese employee, but was I addressing a non-problem? Soc, Per
Feb 2002 Strip if you're conservative - they say the Chinese are conservative, if so, why do they happily walk around naked? Soc, Kno
Jan 2002 Shanghai: two bathhouses - I visited two public baths known for their concentrations of 'our kind of people'. Soc, Per
Jan 2002 Slow dancing in Nanjing - the best part of a gay bar in Nanjing was on its dance floor Soc, Hom
Jan 2002 Shanghai: four bars - a brief report on four gay bars I recently visited in Shanghai Hom, Per
Jan 2002 Public space, private space - sex in public is an offence... but what's public? Pol, Soc
Jan 2002 Religion in BurgerKing - where does one draw the line between religion and cult? Rel
Jan 2002 Follow me but not too closely please - internalised guilt, fear and overcompensation in gay males Hom
Jan 2002 What's worse than AIDS?  Sex! - a state government in Malaysia wants to ban condoms, except for married couples Soc, Rel, Kno
Jan 2002 Hercules and the beach - my first visit to two suburban saunas in Bangkok Hom, Per








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Soc Society and culture
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Med The media
Hom Homosexuality, gay issues
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