Appendices 2008

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Month Title, etc   Relevance
Dec 2008 Online campaign leads to rethink at DBS - the bank faced boycott calls from angry lesbian and gay customers Soc, Hom, Oth [biz]
Nov 2008 Unbreakable ties - Gay Natee - The Bangkok Post profiles a prominent gay rights and HIV/Aids activist Hom
Oct 2008 Nature and nurture are components of a single dynamic system, says professor - Brown University professor in biology and gender studies explains her views Hom Kno
Oct 2008 Male transsexual gene link found - unusual gene length for androgen receptors Hom, Kno
Oct 2008 The evolution of homosexuality - gender bending - The Economist magazine reports on new research by Brendan Zietsch Hom, Kno
Oct 2008 Shouts for Blogtv's "Am I gay?" - what did viewers think when they watched Blogtv's program on gay sex education? Soc, Med, Hom
Sep 2008 Contraception awareness among teenagers severely lacking - a quarter of teenagers aged 15-20 are having sex and half of them aren't using contraceptives Soc
Sep 2008 Population up a record 5.5% - but mostly foreigners, in new data released by the Department of Statistics Soc
Sep 2008 'Hong Lim Green' to turn somewhat pink - a gay parade on November 15? Hom
Sep 2008 Chinese rentboys at Lucky Chinatown - The New Paper does an expose of the rentboy scene Soc, Hom
Sep 2008 Why Burmese activists were deported - Deputy PM Wong Kan Seng explains to Parliament Pol
Sep 2008 Siblings jailed for abusing maid - a shocking case of maid abuse Law, Soc
Sep 2008 For and against making a mockery of the law - four letters in response to Ho Kwon Ping's op-ed Pol, Law, Hom
Sep 2008 Foreigners have lower arrest rate - police provide data for 2007 to show that foreigners do not commit more crimes than locals Law, Soc
Sep 2008 Stop making a mockery of the law: Let's accept gays - op-ed by Ho Kwon Ping in 'Today' newspaper Pol, Law, Hom
Sep 2008 Pro-government newspaper paints free speech advocates as anarchists - media reports following our press conference Pol, Med
Aug 2008 Burmese citizens denied renewal of visas in Singapore - press statement by Burmese political activists Pol
June 2008 Let people form body to oversee net content - Sunday Times reports on the seminar about deregulation of the internet Pol, Med
May 2008 Bureaucratic ambiguity and Internet freedom - Clarissa Oon of the Straits Times on the bloggers' proposal submitted to the government Pol, Med
Apr 2008 Bumbling around EU-China ties - Jonathan Eyal of the Straits Times examines the poor handling of the Tibet/Olympic torch protests Pol
Apr 2008 Olympic torch relay in Seoul - more protests and scuffing between Chinese and Koreans Pol
Apr 2008 Censors extend their reach to videogames - new rules go into effect Pol, Med
Apr 2008 What we need to do so as not to become irrelevant, ineffective - op-ed on state of journalism by Loh chee Kong, 'Today' newspaper Med
Apr 2008 Bloggers to send ideas on internet regulation to govt - from 'Today' newspaper Pol, Med
Apr 2008 Bloggers' group proposes sweeping changes in Internet regulation - press release by the bloggers' group Pol, Med
Apr 2008 C*ns*rsh*p - op-ed by Ravi Veloo, 'Today' newspaper Pol, Med








Pertaining to Singapore
Pol Politics and government
Law Law, court cases
Soc Society and culture
Rel Religion
Med The media
Hom Homosexuality, gay issues
Kno Knowledge and belief
Hum Being human
Per The personal perspective
Oth Other subjects