Appendices 2006

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Month Title, etc   Relevance
Nov 2006 Hurting gays, and ourselves - an op-ed from the Washington Post by a Methodist clergywoman Soc, Rel, Hom
Nov 2006 South African panel OKs gay marriage - the first African country to do so Pol Law, Hom
Nov 2006 India's Domestic Violence law - India enacts a sweeping new law to protect women Law
Nov 2006 Section 377 revisited: what's wrong with gay sex? - open letter to MP Ellen Lee from Dominic Chua Pol, Law, Hom
Nov 2006 Penal Code review to add protection for minors, flexibility for judges - from ChannelNewsAsia Pol, Law, Hom
Oct 2006 Revealed: the mufti uncut - the transcript of the Australian Mufti's sexist sermon Rel
Oct 2006 Many gay teens are coming out at earlier ages - in the US, the average age is now 13. Hom
Oct 2006 UK law lords loosen strict libel law - enlarging the 'public interest' defence Pol, Law
Oct 2006 Short Circuit 2006 - full listing of the short films shown at the PLU event 'Short Circuit' Med, Hom
Oct 2006 Lee Kuan Yew's letter to Abdullah Badawi - over his remarks about Malaysia's attitude towards Singapore Pol
Sep 2006 Indian campaign against Section 377 - news reports and editorial by Vir Sanghvi Pol, Law, Hom
Sep 2006 Where love has lost its voice - an open letter to the Indian Parliament Pol, Law, Hom
Sep 2006 Notables urge India to end 145-year ban on gay sex - from the New York Times Pol, Law, Hom
Sep 2006 HK Court upholds quashing of gay sex law - news reports Law Hom
Sep 2006 Appeal letter for the Affect05 concert - after the MDA banned a concert by a singing duo Pol, Hom
Aug 2006 The inhuman factor - a quick tour of homophobia in a number of countries Soc
Jul 2006 Student claims father poisoned him - his father had been unhappy the son was gay Hom
Jul 2006 Arkansas Supreme Court backs gay foster parents - overturning a ban Law, Hom
Jun 2006 Football fan-dom Q6 answers to a Yawning Bread survey Soc, Hum
Jun 2006 Football fan-dom Q5 answers to a Yawning Bread survey Soc, Hum
Jun 2006 Football fan-dom Q4 answers to a Yawning Bread survey Soc, Hum
Jun 2006 Football fan-dom Q3 answers to a Yawning Bread survey Soc, Hum
Jun 2006 Football fan-dom Q2 answers to a Yawning Bread survey Soc, Hum
Jun 2006 Football fan-dom Q1 answers to a Yawning Bread survey Soc, Hum
Jun 2006 Two more Rs - children need to be taught to think critically, for moral consciousness Soc, Rel, Kno
Jun 2006 The gay animal kingdom - Sex isn't just for reproduction, but also for social harmony Hom, Kno
Jun 2006 Ice vice - Adrian Yeo was lured to a drug and sex romp (New Paper) Law, Med, Hom
Jun 2006 Trainee doctor entrapped for drug possession - Adrian Yeo was lured to a drug and sex romp (Straits Times) Law, Hom
Jun 2006 Free yet faced with a mountain of debt - persons wrongly charged get no compensation Law
May 2006 NUSS forum: Post-mortem on the 2006 general elections - an eye-witness report from someone who was present Pol
May 2006 Smells and lesbian brains - lesbians do not process 'sex pheromones' like heterosexual women Hom, Kno
May 2006 Sniffing out potential partners - smell responses of 82 straight and gay males and females Hom, Kno
Apr 2006 Christians bashing other religions again - this time at a forum on alternative therapies Rel
Apr 2006 The Thaksin crisis through the filter of the Straits Times - 2 articles and an editorial on Thaksin's resignation Pol
Apr 2006 Parliament questions about internet regulation - particularly with respect to election periods Pol, Med
Mar 2006 Agony and ecstasy - the New Paper reports on a drug bust, with a gay angle Law, Med, Hom
Mar 2006 Politics in Singapore suffers from an image problem - David Cai's letter in the Straits Times and Irene Ng's response Pol
Mar 2006 Blogging during elections - details of laws and regulations Pol
Feb 2006 Brokeback Mountain in Singapore - news reports and file reviews in our press Med, Hom
Feb 2006 Free speech not for hijacking by hardliners - a commentary by Yang Razali Kassim, in the Straits Times Pol, Rel
Feb 2006 The Islam the riots drowned out - a commentary by Emran Qureshi, in the New York Times Pol, Rel
Feb 2006 Let's cool down and look at this rationally - we should apply the tools of psychology and neuroscience to the phenomenon of religion Rel, Kno
Feb 2006 Defend the right to be offended - a commentary by Salman Rushdie Pol, Rel
Feb 2006 Mohammad cartoon protests aren't unique to Islam - seeing the recent protests in a political perspective Pol, Rel, Med
Feb 2006 Is homosexuality truly normal? - letters in 'Today' newspaper following the Liberty League story Hom
Feb 2006 Liberty League Part 3 - scramble to raise money and letters to the press Rel, Hom, Oth [Edu]
Feb 2006 Why Liberty League was offered funds - from 'Today' newspaper Pol, Rel, Hom
Jan 2006 Sexuality education becoming increasingly popular in schools - CNA's report of 22 Jan 2006 Soc, Oth [Edu]
Jan 2006 Students cry foul over sexuality workshop - from the Sunday Times, 29 Jan 2006 Soc, Rel, Oth [Edu]
Jan 2006 Report on the arrest of 4 men in Lucknow - issued by a fact-finding team Law, Hom
Jan 2006 Singapore not an open society, says Soros - reports from the Straits Times and 'Today' Pol
Jan 2006 Rough trade - an article in The Age about child prostitution in Batam, Indonesia. Soc
Jan 2006 Police call halt to China's first gay cultural festival - 3 news reports and a first-hand account Law, Hom
Jan 2006 The case for contamination - Kwame Anthony Appiah's article in the New York Times Soc








Pertaining to Singapore
Pol Politics
Law Law, court cases
Soc Society and culture
Rel Religion
Med The media
Hom Homosexuality, gay issues
Kno Knowledge and belief
Hum Being human
Per The personal perspective
Oth Other subjects