Appendices 2005

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Month Title, etc   Relevance
Dec 2005 Judge rules against Pennsylvania biology curriculum - US federal judge kicks creationism out of the classroom Law, Rel
Dec 2005 Just once, let's not be too prickly - Susan Long of the Straits Times discusses how our government responds to criticism Pol
Dec 2005 Avoid another Asian Values debate - Simon Tay discusses how Singapore should respond to foreign criticism Pol
Dec 2005 Reviews of Brokeback Mountain - from the New York Times Med, Hom
Dec 2005 Singapore guy among the first in UK gay unions - Ghani Jantan makes the news Hom
Dec 2005 The front door's open, the backyard's locked - the discordance between economic globalisation and social insularity Pol
Dec 2005 Squats, pig heads and Malaysia's worry - how domestic parochialism can hurt a country's relationship with the outside world Pol, Soc
Nov 2005 Creationism letter in Straits Times - and rebuttals Rel, Kno
Nov 2005 The churning of the ocean of milk - bas-reliefs from Angkor Wat Rel, Oth [Art]
Nov 2005 The debate about press freedom in the Straits Times - 13 letters following RSF's ranking of 140 out of 167. Pol, Med
Nov 2005 Malaysian post-op transsexual marries - but government says marriage unlawful Soc, Hom
Nov 2005 Let's (not) talk about condoms - a Straits Times feature about teenage sex Soc
Nov 2005 More action less cut - film censorship, current status Pol, Med, Hom
Nov 2005 Abused husbands, violent wives - bipolar disorder, Women's Charter Law, Soc
Nov 2005 On sex, values and white elephants - Straits Times interview with Minister of State for Home Affairs Ho Peng Kee Pol, Hom
Nov 2005 China Press exposes gay massage parlours in Kuala Lumpur - surprisingly fair reporting Hom
Oct 2005 Warwick University spurns Singapore - press reports Pol, Hom, Oth [Education]
Oct 2005 Lee Hsien Loong's answer to the gay question at the FCA - "homosexuals are like you and me, but...."  Pol, Hom
Oct 2005 Fear homosexuals? Not the government - press reports about Lee Hsien Loong's answers to the gay question Pol, Hom
Oct 2005 Societies worse off 'when they have God on their side' - new research about religiosity and social ills Soc, Rel
Sep 2005 Why no alimony for ex-husbands - the 1996 parliamentary debate Pol, Law, Soc
Sep 2005 Marriage for sex-changed persons - why the law was changed in 1996 Pol, Law, Hom
Aug 2005 Gay revolution puts red China in the pink - an update and overview Pol, Law, Hom
Aug 2005 HK anti-gay laws overturned - media reports - reports in US, Australian, UK and Singapore newspapers Law, Med, Hom
Aug 2005 Sections 118C, 118F, 118H, 118J of the Hong Kong Crimes Ordinance - these were the laws overturned in August 2005 Law, Hom
Aug 2005 Biased law on gay sex overturned by judge - reports in the South China Morning Post Law, Hom
Aug 2005 Decriminalisation of homosexuality in Hong Kong - an account of events from 1980 to 1991 Pol, Law, Hom
Aug 2005 A price too high to pay? - the Elected Presidency has been damaged by the non-election, says Siew Kum Hong Pol
Aug 2005 Distorting scripture, literally - Karen Armstong explains how reading scripture literally is a modern and erroneous habit Rel, Kno
Aug 2005 What makes people gay? - an update on the scientific research Hom, Kno
Aug 2005 What's behind the election divide? - the PAP didn't feel there was a need for a presidential contest, but Singaporeans did Pol
Aug 2005 Men act more "macho" when masculinity is threatened - new research from Cornell University finds a source for homophobia Soc, Hom, Kno
Aug 2005 Poetry in pink - a short write-up in 'Today' about a recital by gay poets Hom
Aug 2005 IndigNation in the news - the Straits Times and Today reported on IndigNation, gay and lesbian pride month 2005 Med, Hom
July 2005 Laws and regulations pertaining to indoor public talks - appendices to the article Indoor public talks: before and after Pol, Law
June 2005 Teacher's gay, so they tear down the toilets - a front page report in The New Paper about parents' fears that a gay teacher means AIDS Soc, Hom, Kno
May 2005 Get real - girls watching girls - a teenager writes to Mediacorp about their homophobic TV documentary Med, Hom
May 2005 A mirror to the world - the neurology behind human empathy Kno
May 2005 Human pheromones and sexual orientation - recent studies indicating yet more biological bases for sexual orientation Kno, Hom
May 2005 Gay men respond differently to pheromones - recent studies indicating yet more biological bases for sexual orientation Kno
May 2005 The New Paper: There is space for everyone - a story about the Free Community Church and Safehaven in our local press Rel, Hom
Apr 2005 Single moms: in the press - story and letters about lack of support for single mothers Pol, Soc
Apr 2005 JdM concert: press reports and letters - about the AIDS-benefit concert that was banned by the government Pol, Hom, Oth [HIV]
Mar 2005 Balaji needs to deal with government homophobia - he if wants to battle HIV successfully Pol, Soc, Hom, Oth [HIV]
Mar 2005 Homosexuals, health and the law - a double feature in the Straits Times, that raises the question of decriminalisation Law, Soc, Hom, Oth [HIV]
Mar 2005 Opportunity knocked - Ignatius Low argues that we close off life's options by drawing boundaries for other people as to what is permissible and what is not. Pol
Mar 2005 Ministry warns gay magazine - Manazine again! Pol, Med, Hom
Mar 2005 But they should see black  instead - so says a gay columnist with The New Paper about reckless unprotected sex Soc, Hom, Oth [HIV]
Mar 2005 Scourge of gay parties - The new paper looks at circuit parties, sex, alcohol and drugs Soc, Hom, Oth [HIV]
Mar 2005 List of Section 377 and 377A cases - over a 10 and 15 year period respectively Law
Mar 2005 Homosexuals, health and the law: Time to reach out and talk? - a Straits Times writer explores the issue of decriminalisation Pol, Law, Hom. Oth [HIV]
Mar 2005 What next as spotlight falls back on gays? - the Straits Times introduces the topic of decriminalisation Pol, Law, Hom. Oth [HIV]
Mar 2005 Gay themes OK, within boundaries - information minister wiggles painfully on the question of gay forums Pol, Hom
Mar 2005 Aids message to help, not stigmatise gays - junior minister for Health explains his message Pol, Hom, Oth [HIV]
Mar 2005 Party AIDS 5 - Sunday Times' and Straits Times' follow-up stories in gay parties and AIDS Med, Hom, Oth [HIV]
Mar 2005 Party AIDS 4 - The New Paper's big, big feature on gay parties and AIDS Med, Hom, Oth [HIV]
Mar 2005 Party AIDS 3 - letters to the press and one to the minister Med, Hom, Oth [HIV]
Mar 2005 Party AIDS 2 - press reports of the minister's speculation that gay parties lead to HIV rise Med, Hom, Oth [HIV]
Mar 2005 Party AIDS 1 - the junior minister said gay parties lead to HIV rise Pol. Hom, Oth [HIV]
Mar 2005 Tan Boon Hock v Public Prosecutor - a landmark appeal after which there were no further entrapment cases Law, Hom
Mar 2005 Two articles about gays in the military - from the Economist magazine  Pol, Soc,Hom
Mar 2005 Shout, let it all out - Ong Soh Chin of the Straits Times pens her thoughts about the Singapore Forum on Politics Pol
Feb 2005 Channel U: Very penetrating insight - a 30-minute TV program about gay acceptance aired 23 Feb 2005 Soc, Med, Hom
Feb 2005 Gay rights, censorship discussed at NUS politics forum - ChannelNewsAsia's report on a half-day forum Pol
Feb 2005 Mediacorp chairman promises to report honestly and objectively - Ho Kwon Ping's response to my question from the floor Med, Hom
Feb 2005 Paul Martin's speech on same-sex marriage - the Canadian PM moved a bill in Parliament to legalise gay marriages Pol, Law, Hom
Feb 2005 Police told employer about man's arrest - the police informed a private school that one of its teachers had been arrested for a 'sex offence' Law, Soc
Feb 2005 Forget the Swiss rolls, Singapore, it's time to go Dutch - a letter to 'Today' newspaper about a truly open and inclusive society Pol, Soc
Jan 2005 Mediacorp promises quality TV - in the Q&A, I asked how Mediacorp can be credible in the regional markets to which they aspire if they won't touch issues deemed sensitive by the Singapore government Med
Jan 2005 Two gay men and a maybe - The government's Singapore Film Commission partly funded this made-in-Singapore movie about a mother with 2 gay sons Pol, Med








Pertaining to Singapore
Pol Politics
Law Law, court cases
Soc Society and culture
Rel Religion
Med The media
Hom Homosexuality, gay issues
Kno Knowledge and belief
Hum Being human
Per The personal perspective
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