Appendices 2004

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Month Title, etc   Relevance
Dec 2004 Snowball: more comments and letters - PM Lee Hsien Loong said all-gay parties are out Pol, Soc, Hom
Dec 2004 Hearing out religion in public debates - Thio Li-Ann argues against "radical secularism and the "gagging" of religious viewpoints Pol, Soc, Rel
Dec 2004 Snowball: newswire reports - from AP and AFP Pol, Hom
Dec 2004 Snowball: letters by Singaporeans - to the press, etc... only 1 of these 6 letters published. Pol, Hom
Dec 2004 Abstinence programs contain false and misleading information - from US newspapers Pol, Kno
Dec 2004 Condom letters in the Straits Times - the fundamentalists attempt to spread their distortion of facts Kno, Oth [HIV]
Dec 2004 Condom letters in 'Today' - the fundamentalists attempt to spread their distortion of facts Kno, Oth [HIV]
Dec 2004 The New Paper's AIDS feature, part 3 - spotlight on gay sex Med, Hom, Oth [HIV]
Dec 2004 The New Paper's AIDS feature, part 2 - on the work of Action for AIDS (AfA) Oth [HIV]
Dec 2004


The New Paper's AIDS feature, part 1 - CDC and HPB say  Singaporeans don't know enough and don't talk enough about it. Pol, Oth [HIV]
Nov 2004 Lesbian couples raise well-adjusted teenagers - a study published by the New Scientist Hom, Kno
Nov 2004 Balaji on AIDS - Christian fundamentalists rush in - condoms aren't safe, and there is only one kind of 'right sex'. Rel, Oth [HIV]
Nov 2004 Balaji on AIDS - AfA's response - AfA's official statement responding to the minister's speech Pol, Oth [HIV]
Nov 2004 Balaji on AIDS - Fridae's response - Fridae's official statement responding to the minister's speech Pol, Oth [HIV]
Nov 2004 Balaji on AIDS - letters to the press - in response to the minister's speech warning of an increase in HIV Oth [HIV]
Nov 2004 'AfA not doing a good job' - Straits Times - the newspaper is helping the government blame an NGO for not doing enough to stem HIV rise Pol, Med, Oth [HIV]
Nov 2004 'Minority rights' should know their limits - a commentary in Zaobao about FEER's cover story Med, Hom
Oct 2004 FEER: Gay Asia cover story - the far Eastern Economic Review did a feature. Med, Hom
Oct 2004 Gays OK in this church - from The New Paper, 14 July 2004 Rel, Hom
Oct 2004 Wanbao: Gay bar gets more decadent with the night - an article in Wanbao (translated from Chinese) Med, Hom
Sep 2004 Manazine rapped (again) - because the magazine quoted someone saying he wanted a boyfriend Pol, Med, Hom
Apr 2004 Singapore's 1993 Stonewall: the police raid at Rascals disco - 22 persons wrote to the police about their raid, and received an apology Law, Hom
Apr 2004 A guide to your legal rights - an advisory paper distributed by PLU in 1993, and still relevant today Law, Hom
Apr 2004 Breaking the 'cultural straitjacket' - comments by Aditya Bondyopadhyay of the Naz Foundation, India Pol, Soc, Hom
Apr 2004 Going straight - a long article from the Guardian newspaper about reparative therapy Rel, Hom, Kno
Apr 2004 Singapore denies association rights to gay support group - AP's report on the government's refusal to register People Like Us Pol, Hom
Apr 2004 Activists call on Singapore government to scrap gay sex ban - AP's report on the NUSS forum Pol, Soc, Hom
Apr 2004 Glad to be Tory - Why the Conservatives are wooing gay voters, from the Economist magazine Pol, Soc, Hom
Apr 2004 Acceptance of gays on rise, polls show - a story from Los Angeles Times about the shift in American attitudes Soc, Hom
Apr 2004 A Catholic history of marriage - a Jesuit scholar traces how the Roman Catholic view of marriage has evolved (considerably) through history Rel, Hom, Kno
Mar 2004 Oh behave, Singapore - a feature from Business Traveller magazine about Singapore's "opening up" Pol, Soc, Med, Hom
Mar 2004 Sulawesi's fifth gender - Bugis society in Indonesia have 5 genders, not just male and female. Soc
Mar 2004 Love that dare not squeak its name - male penguins in New York form pairbonds and raise chicks Hom, Kno
Mar 2004 Ditch the trishaw, let's aim to change to Ferrari pace - Chua Mui Hoong thinks our government's social policies are way behind time Pol, Law, Soc
Mar 2004 Oral sex is a threat to the institution of family - a letter in 'Today' argues for continued criminalisation of oral sex Soc
Mar 2004 Gay culture comes out in conservative Singapore - a report by Sophie Hares, Reuters Pol, Hom
Mar 2004 The Passion of Christ and the passion of gay bashers - a column by Tom Plate that was - unusually - not carried by the Straits Times Pol, Soc, Rel, Hom
Mar 2004 Wanbao: gay men messing about in a cemetery - this afternoon tabloid exposes a downtown cruising spot Med, Hom
Feb 2004 The price of speakability - columnists in the satirical website have begun to mention gays Med, Oth
Feb 2004 Porn VCD in school: 17 boys held - a 14-year-old boy drops a VCD while in class, from the New Paper Soc
Feb 2004 The In-crowd - a feature article in The New Scientist by Joan Roughgarden about social selection in reproduction Hom, Kno








Pertaining to Singapore
Pol Politics
Law Law, court cases
Soc Society and culture
Rel Religion
Med The media
Hom Homosexuality, gay issues
Kno Knowledge and belief
Hum Being human
Per The personal perspective
Oth Other subjects