Appendices 2003

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Month Title, etc   Relevance
Sep 2003 Size really does matter - the absurdity of the censor's cuts required of the film "15", by Neil Humphreys of TODAY newspaper Pol, Med
Aug 2003 Chasing the pink dollar - The Sunday Times tells Toto-queuing heartlanders that we must learn to accept gay people because there's money in it. Med, Hom
Aug 2003 The trick that Singapore missed - Koh Buck Song talks about how Singapore missed out on developing its 'soft power', from 'Today' newspaper Pol, Soc
Aug 2003 Time to think pink - a humourous commentary from The Edge about how blind and absurd Singaporeans can be Soc
Aug 2003 The spirit of Montmartre - where did the term 'bohemian village' come from? And what did it signify? Soc
Aug 2003 Homosexuality: not by science alone - Straits Times' science writer argues that homosexuality is a matter of culture and choice, and 32 people sign a letter that isn't published Hom, Kno
Aug 2003 Nation03 is NOT a gay party - replies to a New Paper article saying it was Pol, Med, Hom
Aug 2003 Gay marriages pose threat to society : Vatican - the increasingly desperate attempt to get political leaders to follow its edicts is criticised by many groups around the world Rel
Aug 2003 It's raining AQ's - a commentary by Yvonne Kwok of Streats newspaper, about the number of effeminate males (who aren't gay) on TV Med
Jul 2003 Egg of a society: why white and yolk can't be separated - a commentary by Simon Tay in the Straits Times about the interaction between the mainstream and the marginals in society Pol, Soc, Hom
Jul 2003 News agency reports about gay civil servants - reports by UPI, DPA, AP, and AFP between 4 and 24 July 2003 Med
Jul 2003 Quietly, Singapore lifts its ban on hiring gays - from the New York Times, and International Herald Tribune, 4 July 2003 Pol, Soc
Jul 2003 Good arguments live on - a homosexuality debate on the Young PAP bulletin board Pol, Soc, Hom
Jul 2003 Extract of the PM Goh Chok Tong's interview with Time magazine - released by the Prime Minister's Office, giving the context of the "gays in civil service" comment Pol, Med
Jul 2003 Dear Reverends - 'Today' newspaper reports on the letter sent by 6 gay Christians to the heads of churches in Singapore, 24 July 2003 Rel, Hom
Jul 2003 Anti-gay campaign by 20 Christians -  the pastor of the Cornerstone Community Church says "The battle lines are now drawn and it is time for the Church in Singapore to rise up" (Straits Times) Rel, Hom
Jul 2003 Letters in Streats, 15-24 July 2003 - including the infamous one by Thio Su Mien Hom
Jul 2003 Muslim minister: "Islam does not resist change" - Lianhe Zhaobao (20 July 2003) asked Dr Yacoob Ibrahim about the gay issue in an interview,  Pol, Rel
Jul 2003 Wanbao: Homosexuality - a choice of morality - a comment in the evening Chinese paper, Lianhe Wanbao of 20 July 2003 Soc, Med
Jul 2003 Gays OK, but SEX disallowed - the petty prudishness of Singapore authorities sends a message opposite to that of accepting gay people; from 'Today' newspaper, 18 July 2003 Pol, Soc
Jul 2003 Stigma that lingers on - from 'Today' newspaper, 14 July 2003, about Leona Lo, a transsexual on a mission to educate society Soc, Hum
Jul 2003 Letters in the Straits Times, 18 July 2003 - including one by retired Bishop Yap Kim Hao Rel, Hom
Jul 2003 Letters in the Straits Times, 15 July 2003 - "There is no greyness between white and black...There is no relativity in morality, Morality is absolute." By George Lim Heng Chye  Rel, Hom
Jul 2003 Ma, I'm gay - a Sunday Times story about a gay guy and his relationship with his mother Soc, Hom
Jul 2003 A new tiger to ride - Simon Tay discusses how Singapore has to ride the forces of globalisation, including opening up to the gay minority Pol, Soc
Jul 2003 Gum, gays and the gogglebox - Chua Mui Hoong of the Straits Times argues that the process of liberalisation benefits all, non-gays as well. Pol, Soc
Jul 2003 US Supreme Court banishes mediaeval ghost - reprinted in the Straits Times, this commentary by Andrew Sullivan argues how the overturning of sodomy laws didn't just benefit gay people. Law, Rel, Hom
Jul 2003 The truth is not gay/Don't ask, be happy - a straight woman says she'd be appalled to be asked about her sexuality in a job interview. Hom, Per
Jul 2003 Get this straight: Bigotry is not a family value - a commentary by Adeline Woon in Streats Soc, Med, Hom
Jul 2003 Letters in 'Today', 8 - 11 July 2003 - letters in response to the article 'Local gays, foreign gays' in the Today newspaper. Hom
Jul 2003 Letters in the Straits Times, 9 July 2003 - mostly pro-gay Hom
Jul 2003 It's not about gay rights, it's survival - a Straits Times senior correspondent explains why Singapore has to do what it takes to attract talent, even gay ones. Pol, Soc, Hom
Jul 2003 With this ring, I thee wed - a New Paper story about 2 gay Singaporeans planning to get married in Canada. Soc, Hom
Jul 2003 No Mardi Gras, says PM - from the New Paper Pol, Hom
Jul 2003 Employing gays in civil service a 'tiny step forward' - a story from the Sunday Times Pol, Soc, Hom
Jul 2003 Local gays, foreign gays - a front page story from Today newspaper Pol, Soc, Hom
Mar 2003 Breaking taboos - the New Paper ran a two-page spread about the book People Like Us: Sexual Minorities in Singapore Hom
Jan 2003 Twenty4Seven: Naked guns - a local magazine does an feature on a gay orgy Med, Hom








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