Appendices 2001

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Month Title, etc   Relevance
Jul 2001 The good, the bad, and the greater good - Tan Tarn How responds to Andy Ho's article on civil society 'Revisiting the banyan tree' Pol, Soc
Jul 2001 Singapore gays find tacit acceptance but some seek more - a Reuters report on the state of things in Singapore Soc, Hom
Jul 2001 Ministry of Education Sex Education Package: the section on homosexuality - the chief aim is to ensure the kids know that homosexuality is against the law Soc, Hom, Kno
Jul 2001 Revisiting the banyan tree: Civil society 10 years on - by Andy Ho, Straits Times Pol, Soc
Mar 2001 Time magazine: Sex in Asia - this cover story included a full-age sub-story on gay life in Singapore Med, Hom








Pertaining to Singapore
Pol Politics
Law Law, court cases
Soc Society and culture
Rel Religion
Med The media
Hom Homosexuality, gay issues
Kno Knowledge and belief
Hum Being human
Per The personal perspective
Oth Other subjects