Appendices 1999

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Month Title, etc   Relevance
Sep 1999 Muslims should stop navel-gazing - an article about the views of Dr Farid Esack, a Muslim scholar Soc, Rel
Sep 1999 Australian Senator Brian Greig's maiden speech in Canberra - Sen Greig is openly gay Pol, Per
Sep 1999 CNA special assignment: homosexuality - the transcript of the homosexuality segment of a TV program by Channel News Asia Med, Hom
Sep 1999 The inequality of desire - a Buddhist discussion about sexual desire, gay and straight Rel
Jul 1999 From Satyricon - a personal account by an official of the Roman Empire Hom, Per
May 1999 The cup, and all that filled it - a discussion on SiGNeL about pederasty and homosexuality in Greek and Roman times Soc, Hom, Kno
Mar 1999 Power 98FM: the transcript - a radio call-in program asked parents what they would do if their son was gay Soc, Med, Hom








Pertaining to Singapore
Pol Politics
Law Law, court cases
Soc Society and culture
Rel Religion
Med The media
Hom Homosexuality, gay issues
Kno Knowledge and belief
Hum Being human
Per The personal perspective
Oth Other subjects